Our technology, fully rooted in Circular Economy principles, strongly relies on partnering with fungal microorganisms and on employing their vegetative body - the mycelium - as key ingredient to bind and transform different typologies of residual substrates, turning them into functional, high value materials.

By experimenting on growing selected fungal strains on different residual substrates, such as waste and by-products of agro-industrial processes, we identified a number of successful methods and techniques allowing to grow functional, performative materials, that are both cost-competitive and performance-competitive, when compared to existing solutions currently available in the market (both bio and fossil based), ending up improving the profitability of the related value chains.

Our selected strains can be grown in different conditions and matrix configurations, and engineered for the creation of structured compounds with specific properties, which can be harvested in short timeframes and with limited use of resources, thus resulting in innovative bio-materials.

MOGU technology is the result of 5+ years developments in the fields of design, biotechnology and materials’ science.
Such technology has the potential of radically changing the current sustainability standards of a wide range of industries, including, to name few, product design, architecture, fashion, automotive, construction, horticulture, packaging & more.