About Us

MOGU is an innovation-driven, environmentally-conscious company, dedicated to developing and scaling-up a range of mycelium-based technologies for the production of naturally-grown biomaterials and products, able to satisfy the market demand for sustainable and high-performance alternatives.

We believe that naturally grown-materials can provide a sustainable alternative to traditional 
synthetics derived from the exploitation of fossil fuels and finite resources.

Following the principles of “Circular Economy”, MOGU is researching, identifying and marketing the best industrial and commercial technologies for the production of mycelium-based bio-materials, to be implemented in multiple industries and markets.

We do this by following a fully trans-disciplinary approach; in fact, the MOGU team comprises skilled professionals coming from different fields of action, such as Design, Microbiology, Biomass Management, Biotechnology, Engineering, Material Science and Business development.


Merging such diverse backgrounds and the related expertise in different focus areas allows us to effectively tackle complex challenges, toward the generation of consistent outcomes.

MOGU's research activities also benefit from the joint efforts carried out with both academic partners (e.g. Utrecht University, University of Pavia, etc.) or private industrial partners.

Since its foundation, the team has constantly expanded, creating suitable conditions for deploying the overall development strategy and for efficiently conducting the daily operations. The team is jointly lead by Mr. Stefano Babbini (CEO) and Mr. Maurizio Montalti (Director R&D), with the fundamental support of selected shareholders and employees.

Besides the actors employed at our facilities, MOGU counts on the close collaborative relationships with numerous public and private partners and on the support of a prestigious advisory board.