In MOGU, what used to be regarded as “waste” becomes the input for the generation of innovative processes and valuable, ecologically-responsible resources.


MOGU technology employs fungal mycelium - the vegetative body of mushrooms - to transform and bind agricultural by-products into strong, functional, natural materials.


MOGU researches and implements the best industrial technologies for the production of different bio-materials, starting from customers' needs.


MOGU develops and commercialises a wide variety of products deriving from the growth of selected mycelia on solid and liquid agro-industrial residues, for the creation of alternatives to traditional materials, such as synthetic polymers and animal leather.

At MOGU we change the way things are traditionally made, by partnering with our surrounding life-systems.

We believe that natural materials, grown by means of microbial action, hold the promise for the creation of a near future where human activities are not in conflict with the rhythm of the larger ecosystem. On the contrary, we envision a future where humans and microorganisms cooperate for the creation of goods and systems, in a mutually beneficial way.

MOGU has developed technologies and systems allowing to turn fungal mycelium and organic waste products into natural alternatives to a range of traditional materials and products, whose synthetic nature or production processes are highly harmful.

MOGU materials are the result of natural processes which fully rely on growth and cultivation, resulting in 100% renewable, recyclable and compostable outcomes, without compromising performance.


The Mycelium

MOGU materials and technologies are based on fungi as main constituent, one of the most abundant living systems on the planet.

Our production process employs the mycelium, the vegetative body of mushrooms, consisting of a tight network of interlocking filamentous cells (hyphae), forming when fungi colonise organic substrates. While feeding on the nutritious organic materials, the mycelium transforms and binds the separated particles in a cohesive matter, acting as a living glue.

Mycelia can grow rather quickly and their growth process can be influenced by knowing how to alter input parameters, reaching high efficiencies in no-stress conditions.

MOGU technology can be utilised for producing families of different materials with diverse technical and tactile characteristics, starting from customers’ needs.
Items can, for instance, be light, low density, strong and resistant, capable of absorbing shocks, with interesting re-retardant performances.

The effective introduction and diffusion of MOGU technology and products promises to radically challenge current sustainability standards in a wide range of industries.


MOGU Products

Thanks to the valuable technical properties and the outstanding look and aesthetics of its premium materials, MOGU's focus is currently placed on developing the MOGU Home line, comprising innovative solutions for the fields of bio-architecture and interior design, and introducing products such as, beyond others, resilient flooring, thermal and acoustic insulation panelling, decorative elements and furniture components.

Produced through a fully natural process and characterised by peculiar qualities, MOGU materials are suitable for applications in diverse markets. Besides MOGU Home, we are currently developing solutions and technologies for different market segments as part of our R&D. Due to their very nature, MOGU composite materials can be compostable according to industrial standards or more durable, when required by more advanced applications.


Besides the many activities internally conducted and the extended expertise of our team, MOGU strongly values collaboration and constantly engages with a vast variety of public and private partners and stakeholders. Collaborations range from direct B2B and B2C relationships, to larger research projects at national or international level, as part of prestigious consortia.


Our internal expertise include:

Material Science80%
Engineering 90%
Business Development100%